How can you realize if someone is possessed by a demon?

They say if u show a holy symbol to ‘em they’ll feel terrorized…any other ways?


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  • Just go around throwing holly water on every one...

    • Thanks for mh :)

    • *By default...

    • Hey ill take whatever i can get...

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  • only a holy man with the discretion of the Holy Spirit can. some demons are VERY subtle. a man was a lawyer and a living saint told me "you see that man? he is xtremely smart but has this demon troubling him. its veery smooth like a velvet he will never realise it alone. this type of demon usually strikes extremely smart seculars and gives them complicated destructive thoughts which they think are their own". long story short possession can be a very subtle thing. usually the possessed can't stand holy water, wood from the Holy Cross, holy relics of saints, hearing the name of Jesus Christ and the constant contemplation of the heart prayer. "Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me a sinner'. but again its not absolute you'll detect it without divine revelation and discretion.

    • usual attributes of a possessed person (although they can vary). a possessed person usually:
      1) judges a lot other people. either orally or just in his/her heart.
      2) can't stand holy psalms and incantations and a sanctomonious atmospehere in general for long periods of time.
      3) has unexplainable dark and violent instincts and thoughts against other humans
      4) needs to move all the time. likes to travel a lot to feel "free" and can't find peace in one place.
      5) makes blaspemous thoughts about holy things without particularly liking it.
      6) hates repentance and humility. thinks that God should repent not him/her
      and other many that doesn't come to mind now.

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    • Give me chapter and verse in the Bible that supports what you said.

    • @FidemMeam 2000 years of christian experience is my source. not everything is in the bible man. i come from a christian tradition that actually has a christian tradition. i don't want to argue with you my friend, usually there is no communication with you protestants.

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  • Cum in their anus. If they produce a satanic baby that's proof.

  • No that's not real that's Hollywood bullshit.

    Actual demon possession is much more subtle. And very rarely is someone possessed by "an unclean spirit" as described in the Bible, where the demon "taketh" the person, "crieth out, teareth, foameth, and bruiseth."

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