Help! Is she really my friend?

Alright, I have my best female friend who knows that I REALLY like a guy but he's taken, my best friend is taken too even if she doesn't really act like a taken girl because of her behavior, but she knows the guy that I like, and when I asked her to help me be his friend because despite of my feelings for him I respect his relationship and I want to be his friend on fb. She said she never talked to the guy so that would be weird if she talks to him about me. Since she didn't help me, I helped myself and added him on fb. After she knew my feelings for him, I saw her commenting on his picture, complimenting him such as ''you're very handsome'' etc with flirty emoticons like blushing and stuff. After that I also saw her ''liking'' pictures of him and his girlfriend. And, I found out she talked to him when she told me she never did, because she once told me ''He's sagittarius'' yet, there's no info about his birthday on his fb, which probably means if she knows his bday, they have chatted at least once! And when she comments his stuff he answers and both are liking each other's stuff on fb so there's obviously a connection so I don't believe that ''I never talked to him'' crap. Anyways, she acts pretty strangely toward him it's like she has feelings for him. I feel she doesn't care about my feelings for that guy. I helped her so many times with his fiancé, and other probs she had. I started being suspicious because of how frequently she's asking me questions such as ''How are things between you and your crush?'' and sometimes she tells me things like ''I feel he's inlove with his girlfriend, more than she is with him'' also, she's observing us 'cause when he ''likes'' my stuff on fb, she tells me ''I see he liked you post/picture'' etc. I love her a lot, she's my friend! But I am used to being betrayed by so called friends so, I don't know if it's a kind of trauma or if she's into him and wants to keep us apart.


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  • I didn't even read what you put but if you ever have to question where you stand with someone, then that means they're not really for you.

    • True!

    • It's just that it's really confusing, she says she loves me like a sister yet, her behavior toward the dude doesn't show that. Actions speak louder but in a way she shows she cares about me but on the other hand, it's like she doesn't care about my feelings for the guy.

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