Kik safe environment?

so i use kik a lot but my parents want it gone cause they think its unsafe. they have looked a lot online and its not going well even tho its actually safe for me and its fine but i need to prove them it is. HOW!!! please help ;-;

i just need points to convince them convince against this without them checking my stuff


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  • Show them everything.. or lie. I mean, if their fears are unfounded and you're fine then there's no problem

    • they already looked and it pissed me off

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    • when i either convince them its fine or if i delete kik... NOT GONNA HAPPEN

    • Ok! Then convince them you need your phone back

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  • I don't get why people think it's not safe. It's just a free messaging app. Kinda like texting but without giving out your phone number and doesn't use up text quota (if you don't have unlimited texts, that is).
    Maybe cos I just use it to talk with my guy and not randomly chat people up so I don't know.

  • Umm... just don't post pictures or your number!


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  • They are probably worried about sexting or unfavourable men trying to groom you and get into your pants or people trying to get personal details such as bank accounts or hacking. I wouldn't say its any less safe than facebook or whatsapp

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