Is it normal for someone to be crying over a used, mediocre couch?

My older brother's now wife has this annoying cousin (the wife's cousin) that seems like a drama queen, always praising on stupid stuff and most of all cheap.

2 years ago when they were engaged (I was then 15):
I couldn't stand her and one day, I told my close friend to keep this secret. I grabbed a knife when no one was looking and ruined cut the couch, the one she kept praising over and over endlessly. She ended up crying over it and to this moment doesn't know it was me who did it. I thought it that was kind of funny but off course had to pretend I was sad about that too.

Mind you but she is actually wealthy.


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  • i see rich people shop at target all the time... maybe someone who meant a great deal to her passed away actually gave her the couch. don't be such a prude.