If someone set you up like this but gave you 50 million luxury tax, tax free dollars what would you do after the fact?

The epople You were drugged with a substance that would make you still mentally intact, but you would absolutely be under their control and while you're under their control you would do whatever they said do. Then after it wore off you would have no memory of what you did. They had you do these things.

1. They had you make 5 gangbang rimjob swallow loads pornos with 15 guys On tape and then they mass produced a buch of them with your face on the cover.

2. They had you drive a car to a highly populated area naked, get out the car, and jump on the hood of the car and lick the windshield ad hump the hood singing the words "Oh Yeah!!" over and over again for 5 minutes, jump back in the car and drive away.

3. They had you make a video of you making death threats to schools, government media, etc , stating your full name, telling taunting police that if they catch you and play this video that you will deny it on purpose. Your house and car was also was filled with guns, ammunition, explosives , etc.

The people who set you up then dropped you off back at home with 50million dollars. 30 minutes later, the drug wore off and now you're being bombarded by SWAT. What do you do?


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  • Take the red pill I have stashed safely away.

    • Lol why do you say that?

    • The red pill I stay in wonderland (Matrix reference :) )

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  • I have faith in the justice system and surrender myself. With a good lawyer, I think I'd have a shot at being exonerated.

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