Why are men so disrespectful to women? why do they only care about sex? why do men verbally abuse women? Do men have feelings?

Lol just kidding that's not my real question this is my real question but sadly that's what it takes to get someone on here to answer a question:

Should I work and save for a car first and buy a laptop and pay back the 2 banks that i owe before going back to college? And how can I decide what I want to major in if I already have work experience in my interest area from years ago


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  • 1. Paying back your debt is a great idea.

    2. Work experience trumps education. If you have experience in an area where you can make a good living, get your major in that area.

    • I have work experience as an instructional Assistant for an after school program and I have retail experience

    • well, if you like teaching, major in that.

    • I'm not sure what I want to major in but I would like to work in a office

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  • Pay back the banks because I think the bank can take your car as the money you owe them

  • Just don't pick enthropololgy or whatever that is


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