Is it Okay/wrong questions to ask my girlfriend whether she is a VIRGIN or NOT... or whether she has slept with someone before me?

(Because she ask about my past and whether i have slept with someone in my college days... And i told her she is my second girlfriend --as the first was a cheater slut and I haven't SLEPT WITH ANYONE)

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  • asking her is good bruh. You wanna find out if she is experienced or not so you can if she is a virgin, wait until she is ready. And you have the right to be curious about her sexual life in the past...


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  • Well if she already asked you, it should absolutely be more than ok to ask her as well. And even if she hadn't ask you, it still believe it's an reasonable thing to ask.


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  • You need to have communication in a relationship so it isn't bad to ask. It is perfectly acceptable.


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