Guys and Girls, name the top 5 hottest profile pics on GAG?

My tops are
1- @AbigailJC
2- @EmpatheticLady
3- @Grace_Rdz

Sorry Top 3


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  • @mooky06: Always the Most amazing and Hot profile, no matter which one You put On, my most amazing Sister. You have Not Only a Beautiful girl but have this Beauty Inside your own self that is just like what you display on GAG and Off. I Love you, sis, thank you for always being here for me. xx
    @Yesits_GalaxyHotChoc: Another Cool and Fabulous Sister with a Natural Beauty that is beyond any words, and with the New Profile, this has brought out the Best in You. Your own personality is something so special that makes You as splendid as You are Inside and Out. I love you, sis, and thank you for always being here for me. xx
    @Apple24: I have seen a few profiles but this One is The Best from the Rest and a real Natural look that is Most Becoming and an eye opener here, dear. Thank you, my dear friend, for being here for me when I least expected it but should have Expected it. You have such a warm heart and so very thoughtful. xx
    @Ashely_Princess: One of Best friends on GAG and Real sweet and wonderful girl who is like family to me... I know that Your Own beauty is as beautiful and as amazing as the Inner part of Yourself, and you are growing into a Great adult. Thank you for always being here for me, sweet Ashely. You are like family to me and a friend till the end. xx
    @FinnishBeautyGirl: I love every Beautiful profile and You and your own Sister have this Stunning look that's a real Eye Catcher here on GAG. And you Both have Great talent as well, I can tell. Thank you too, from the bottom of my heart for always thinking of me, for being here for me and never forgetting me in your own Posts and Boasts. You are a Real friend till the end.
    @RicanEyes: I Love when you Post a most Amazing pix with your Exotic and Beautiful look and please, feel free again to do this again, Cos. With your Sweet and honest and loving and helpful personality on GAG, the Look that you have is Not only Spectacular on the Outside but on the Inside as well.. I LOVE YOU, cos. xx


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