GAGers, if someone told you, that you are a “big farter”, would you take it as an insult or as a compliment?

Compliment of course…I’m a big farter and I know it…especially when I’m drunk I’m not only a big….. but a MASSIVE one…

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  • compliment

    • Thank for mho

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  • It would remind me of that poem from middle school about farting. 😂
    "Fingani nem nehéz,
    Nem kell hozzá sok ész.
    Csak egy kis has nyomás,
    És indul már a durranás.

    Majd mikor meghalok,
    A sírkövemre azt írjátok:
    'Itt nyugszik az, aki
    Jól tudott fingani.'"
    "It's not hard to fart,
    You don't need a lot of mind.
    A little stomach push,
    And the whoomp starts.

    When I will die,
    Write on my gravestone:
    'Here rests the one,
    Who could really fart.'"


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