Battle Of Fried Dough food: Round XXIV (real finals perhaps now)?

Priganice... after all I was da one who add it on wikipedia... ;)

(Of course i should mention it was @Chocolada who posted it here first...)

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It was a tie... but since I'm da poll maker I'll decide for da final results... and I'll crown Priganice as da King of fried dough food...

Or... should I be more democratic and take back ma vote and crown Krafne?
Pffft I'll be fair... I'll take back ma vote and crown Krafne...

Krafne won...


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yup, I'll return the favor for @Zorax, I vote for Krafne :D

    • WoW, it's a tie... I guess it's up to the rest of the GaGers to decide the winner 😟

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    • Well we had a tie... so I took back ma vote... :(

    • Oh, I get it, ok :(
      Anyway, thank you for MHO, it doesn't matter, I like Krafne too :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Krafne in the finals, I can't believe that... where is American Doughnut now? :P
    Well, it doesn't matter, I'll vote for Priganice, I hope @ChocoLada will return the favor once more ;)

    • Actually most Americans didn't vote on ma food polls...

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    • Thanks for the MHO :D
      I guess you could have let the Priganice win... I like them both...

    • Nah.. thought it was more fair if poll maker took back his vote...

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