Why does no one answer my flirting questions?

I was in class today with the girl I like and we couldn't stop looking at eachother.

When we spoke to one another we were holding/lingering eye contact and both smiling and completely into the conversation.

And then on other occasions we would look at eachother for like 2 to maybe 4 seconds when we weren't speaking.

So, why are we looking at each other so much and so often?


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  • Are you wondering if she likes you I guess?
    Based on that, the best your whole contact could mean is that you got along with each other. It doesn't necessarily mean you are compatible though.

    Honestly, I wouldn't use eye contact by itself as a "does she like me or not" kind of thing.
    Here's why:
    1.) Eye contact means so many things. Maybe she was zoning out. Maybe she was looking just in your general direction-- not at you. Maybe she was just looking around the room for no real reason and you met eyes.

    2.) When people talk, many people look into the eyes of the other person as a matter of respect and showing they are giving them focus (unless they are introverted or shy-- in which case they may avoid eye contact). Doesn't mean much.

    3.) If you stare at someone, they are going to stare back or ignore. Many girls don't understand the thought process of guys staring at them, believe it or not. Often times the thought of a girl being stared down by a guy, from what I've heard, tends to be more of like "uhhh why is he staring at me?"

    Basically, eye contact alone shouldn't be used as a sign of whether someone likes you. The whole thing doesn't mean much in my opinion, sorry to say.

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