Faking happiness for so long that you can't stop?

I've been fake smiling for about 4 years now and it seems impossible to stop. Anyone else?


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  • I've never really been a sad person, I was really depressed between Sept and Dec (2012)
    I had no friends, I felt alone and like no-one even cared about me. Whenever I sought help from people (via FB) my 'friends' were no where to be seen. It was only until 2013 where I started Media course did I find amazing friends. We had so much in common. My course lasted 2 years and we finished back in the Summer. Needless to say it was the best 2 years of my life. Though we have moved on, we still have our group and we still hang out.

    That experience made me a stronger person, I've been; happy and carefree since. I still go out fairly often and I have a large handful of great friends and that handful is rising whenever I see new faces.

    Enough of me, you will be happy again. You will get through this phase. 4 years is a long time, but trust me. You will feel better. If you believe you need more advice I suggest seeing a therapist. They can help you resolve this issue. But for that to happen you need to tell your parents. They're the most important people :')

    I'm not the best with stuff, but I hope I helped. :3


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  • I wish I could fake happiness...


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