Girls, if you were Cinderella wouldn't this be the last straw?

I would seriously blow up if I had two ugly, mean stepsister ripping my dress (esp one that belongs to your deceased mother). I wouldn't care about getting thrown out or losing the fight against two girls but that would be the boiling point for me. I would have ripped their dresses back too because if I can't go to the ball then they can't either.

I hated this scene when I was a kid:

I still would be putting up a good struggle during the fight with 2 girls.


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  • Yeah I just would leave the house!


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  • True that. Though if you can find a place to stay? I mean Cinderella got no family ( that I know off ) besides them. You plan on sleeping under a bridge? You got no money, nothing... if you tear those dresses they'd throw her out or lock her up or I don't know what. But I get your point. I'd be furious and glare them to death. Throw a fit and let some mean comments fall from time to time. Deal with it until I got enough money to live on my own.

    • True. She was in such a tough position. Honestly, I was surprised at Cinderella being forgiving towards the red-haired stepsister at the Cinderella II and III sequels. They bullied her from the time she was a kid when she lost her father (8-10 years old) all the way till she was what 18? I wouldn't be forgiving.

    • even with the sequels, that stepsister was ugly

    • Yeah but then again, if she didn't she'd be like them. That's even worse. Forgiving someone means you can let go and move on with your life and leave them the f. behind. That stepsister has to live with herself 24/7 that's the worst punishment of all. Though true they were fugly and mean :P

  • I'd have fucking killed them and gone to jail

    • yeah.. you know even when they made Cinderella II and III sequels, it doesn't change that the red-headed stepsister is still ugly. Honestly, I wouldn't be forgiving like Cinderella was.

    • I know right! I was like 'what the hell are you doing Cinderella, knock their head off' :D