How bad is my life?

Judging from my situation and lifes problems as a whole, how bad would you say my life is? 1 being the worst 10 being the best.

-Im a 30 year old virgin (and have never dated or been kissed, not by choice, can't find a girl interested)
-I have no friends at all
-I live with my parents still and we don't get along they fight constantly and put me down
- I suffer from social anxiety, panic attacks, depression, adhd, possible Aspergers, driving problems, and I've tried to commit suicide in the past.
- I'm a social outcast due to all this
- I'm currently on social security just to get health insurance
- I've never worked before, no work experience, take that plus my anxiety I don't know if any good paying job would even hire me.
- I'm not allowed to have a savings account or credit card, due to social security. I barely get money to do anything I definetly can't afford to move out
- I couldn't pass college when I tried to get my degree
- with driving, I get afraid to drive. I do drive very close to home, but I have what's called directional dyslexia, instead of memorizing road and street names I only go by landmarks and get lost SO easily, I'm too scared to travel more than a few minutes for this reason. It also stops me from being able to have freedom to get out and go places and meet people or have fun like at the movies.
- I'm really thin and have trouble putting on weight, even when I've tried. I've been called ugly and I think it deters girls.
- my family doesn't accept me because to them I'm "not normal", and with no friends or anyone else I have no support from anyone.



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  • I'd rate your life 3/10. You have a home, you have access to clean water and you don't starve. You know how to read, write and drive a car. You have electricity and internet. No one is trying to kill you because they don't like your skin color or your religion. Your life sucks and it's worse than mine, but you're still better off than half of the world population.


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  • Lol

    You think your life is hard? Look at me! I'm a teenager about to work at mc dondles!

    • That's easy, not much pressure if it doesn't work out you can find something else or just focus on school.

    • Ok get a job working outside your house.

    • I've had job offers before, but I turned them down.

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  • Well honestly your life is not a 10 but definitely isn't a one either because their are people who have been beaten, raped or whack out on drugs. A lot of those things if you work on each issue one by one can be improved.

  • It's not that bad

    • Number rating, and please explain.

    • I can't put a number on this. You don't have a serious illness, you aren't expected to die at an early age, and you have a place to live that's really not that bad

  • well there are loads, tons of guys in Japan like you, if it makes you feel better.

  • Doesn't sound good. Have you seen a shrink to get you panic attacks and other issues under control? I'd suggest trying different volunteer work to get you involved with others and help you overcome your social anxiety.