Do you love yourself unconditionally or conditionally?

Loving yourself unconditionally : you think you are awesome, attractive, smart, etc regardless of what you look like, what job you have, what people think of you, what grades you get, what succeses or failures you have. You don't believe there are such things as 'flaws', you just accept who you are. Your self esteem is high and rigid
Loving yourself conditionally : You think you are awesome because you do awesome things. You believe you are attractive because you look attractive and people tell you are attractive. You think you're smart because you do well in school. You think you are successful because you have a good career and money.

You only think these things about yourself because certain conditions are present to make you believe so. When your looks turn worse, you don't believe you are as attractive. When your grades don't do as well, you don't believe you're that smart. When you don't perform well, you don't believe you are that talented anymore. Your self esteem can be HIGH but very FRAGILE.

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  • Definitely I love myself conditionally! There are certain traits about myself which I adore, and also some which I absolutely hate!