How to watch ufc 194 live stream the featherweight championship fight?

Hi, I think most of the people know about the year-end big event UFC 194 between Aldo vs Mcgregor. Many peoples already have bought the event ticket. They will take more enjoy sitting in front of ring. But, I'll miss the chance to watch staing in the MGM Grand. So, I want to watch UFC 194 live stream in Full HD and watch it on our TV at home. Happy to pay for subcripetion $15-30/month. But once the event is over I will cancel it. I expect there are many boxing lover loooking to stream the fight too, so thought it worthwhile to start a new topic in this community. I have a new FireTV and a Chromecast which I bought from Amazon in the last Black Friday. There is no PC at home, but as a last resort I can take my own desktop PC from my work office to home. I was searching how to watch the event live & I got the 3 services: i) ITV android app sideloaded on the FireTV (May be ITV have the rights to the UFC all fight in the some country, it's free to stream). But, I cannot find the latest version of this app, and it has a touchscreen interface. Touchscreen interfaces can be a bit hit and miss to use on a FireTV. ii) Free streaming sitewith showing advertising in the live event. It's very puzzling to me. iii) or this service I have never used them before. Has anyone used this? It says it is available in all regions & four thousend broadcusting channel ads free, they have HD quality online streaming platform, so that would have to all country too. I think option i) is probably the best option if I can get it to work, and it will also allow my girlfriend to use it. But, I'll try to use iii) also just for check.


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