Should absent-minded parents or guardians gets charged if their little kid got into terrible accidents?

Not just the typical accidents where the toddler trips but life altering events like the poor little kid having to suffer permanent scar due to getting in touch with scalding water or other bad things like that.

I've once seen a video on youtube showing about how two toddlers have to suffer burn marks for the rest of their live because they put a teddy bear in the oven and then went to check on it but the oven somewhat exploded.

Then the scene from the Pet Cemetry movie about a 3 year-old getting run over and killed due to the father getting distracted was sad. I think people like that should get charged.

  • Yes, they should get charged, will serve them as a remainder
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  • No, they shouldn't get charged, they already have to live with that forever
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For instance the story of this woman was sad:

Who lets a little kid go near a frying pan with super hot oil?


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  • It can be seen as neglectful parenting.

  • They already get charged with criminaln egligence and child abuse if there's evidence it's the parents' fault

    • Good. If someone is going to bring a child into this world, they should already be awared that it's not easy and be on the watch at all times.

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