What are some life lessons you have learned this year?


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  • Even if someone is nice they still have a bad side people will envey u about smallest things u have rven if they have better life than u sharing personal facts about u would only put on a weak posetion.
    Also i leanerd that im cabable of taking care of myself.
    I learned that all the bad things I've been through all the people who tried to pushed me down are humilated now after i fought back and became what i wanted to be.
    I leanerd that i should stop allowing people to step on my toes and controlling my life i should defend myself.
    I leanerd that i truley dont belong to my family nor country.
    I leanerd that im better person than all the people who hated me the most.
    I leanerd that im a fighter i go right into the deep of the issue and try to solve it.
    I leanered that im better off being alone than being with people who dont deserve me.
    I leanerd to be less senstive from people i becamse careless who wants to stay should stay and who wants to leave should leave.
    I leanerd that i deserve a good person to be with me and i shouldn't sacrfice my time and standards for anyone.
    I leanered that i should put myself and life first.


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  • literally nothing

  • Don't make friends on the Internet.


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