Seriously, how do you get your money back from a friend?

so i have this friend who just has a problem when it comes to paying me back. I'm not stingy, haven't said anything in uh, years actually. but now it's pissing me off cause she knows I'm having some financial issues. We already talked about that before when she, once again forgot her credit card. She did that again, and expected me to pay for her dinner. Two months later, she still hasn't paid me back. Worse, she always wants to go out to places that are a bit expensive for drinks, and I keep telling her I can't this week, but instead of saying "it's my turn girl, cause you've invited me so many times", she just says "oh ok, next time". So I guess I just have to man up, or woman up, and ask for my coins. Did you ever have that problem with a close friend?


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  • just beat her. Sometimes violence can be the solution and not the problem


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  • Yes i had it with my sister loool she is the eldest and im the youngest and she had more money than me, i just told her thr truth with a joke i told her she is using me and acting cheap, since that day we split the bill everytime we went out.

  • Just let it go and dont lend or pay for things going forward.

    • yeah thought of doing that, but she likes puts you on the spot. When you are at the restaurant and she doesn't have a credit card for the third time... You can't just go and say, "well, bye bye". She always says "I'll pay you back". I hink Watermelonoma is right. I'm going to beat her haha.

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