Does this cosplay work? possible improvements?

I'm trying to cosplay as the character Eva from Hell on Wheels. Does my current cosplay work? Any suggestions on how to easily/cheaply improve the costume?

This is the character/actress

Does this cosplay work? possible improvements?

This is what I look like, obviously for the costume I would curl my hair.

I have tried to different outfits, not sure what works best. Nor do I have shoes that will work yet. This is what I have so far.
Option A :

And option B

Sure, I'll update my question with it.


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  • Option C seems the most Eva-ish.

    • By c, do you mean the third picture of the outfits?

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    • My main worry is that because the setting of the show is just post civil war during the building of the transcontinental railroad.

    • Could you post a picture of the corset?

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