Would you be scared if you saw a deceased loved one's spirit?

I had a dream that my mom died and we were at her funereal... i was crying.. when i went up to her casket.

Someone patted me on my shoulder, i looked over and it was my moms spirit. She said
"Its ok, mommy loves you, and she always will" i started crying even harder and hugged her in the casket..

I talked to my mom when i woke up, i felt like crying and she asked why
and i told her about my dream, then i told her the spirit part was freaky

She laughed and said if i ever saw her spirit just know that she's probably there to protect me and not hurt me.. but if i saw my moms spirit honestly... id fight it..

i dont play about ghost... if i woke up and her spirit was watching over me while i was sleep/staring at me... nope... we're fighting..

How would you feel

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  • Well I certainly wouldn't want to "fight" the ghost of any deceased loved one. I'd be thrilled and would want to speak with him or her. I'd ask about the afterlife. I'd ask how long he or she could stay, and why he or she had come that day, and if there was anything I needed to do.

    I'd be very happy.

    • it might not be like the ovies though.. what if the spirit just stalks you

    • I don't actually know the word "ovies." :)

      But if a loved one stalked me, I'd be thrilled. :) I'd just integrate them into my day in a loving way, let them know they were welcome. That's how I would handle it. I miss my loved ones, and I wonder about them, so getting to see them, in any way, existing and interacting with me would be an incredible gift.

      Now if it weren't a loved one, it would bother me.