How do black women feel about black guys who only go outside their race?

I'm not black, and I'm definitely not saying this is the majority. But its common enough these days, at least in my experience, to meet black guys who really dont want anything to do with black women. It sometimes seems like black men and women hate each other, but not all of them. Most of the guys I know who prefer other women are middle or upper class black guys. And then we hear rappers talking about their love for non-black girls all the time, of course.

I wonder if this is the reason why more black women are dating interracially? Black women are still less likely to do it than their male counterparts, but I've seen it more recently. I think its good - black women should be more open to other possibilities, as a lot of guys like them but think theyre not interested.

So black women - how do you feel about this? do you care? are you opening your options because of it?


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  • I dont know black women's view of black men; but I presume that those girls watching black porn fall in love with black raced guys 😂

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