Is he done with me because what I did?

Okay basically The man I been seeing we, we been seeing each other for a year , anyway about 3 weeks ago I went out to club and he asked me where I was and turned up. I wasn't in a good way so I didn't really want to see him anyway he's turned up with his mates and I've gone up to him and told him to fxxk off and go home called him names infront his friends reported him to club told him to fxxk off when he was outside in end I left but apologized next day he accepted but week after he turns up at my house 2 in morning when he was ment to come at 10 then he didn't bother messenging me for days and just said you okay and I replied and he ignored , then we planned to meet following Friday he said he would let me no what time and he's definitely going to come but didn't bother letting me know anything then messaged me on Sunday and said u okay I been really ill so I haven't messaged back and now it's Saturday. Why do u think he doing this?


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  • you did so bad to him