Why is it only brave to show your body when you're unattractive?

Basically, to be told that you're brave for posting nude is an insult.
if you get naked on the beach, there are two responses possible:
1. WOW you look great!
2. Wow you're really brave...
Which do you want to hear?
As you may be aware, Amy Schumer recently came out on a nude calendar. She was instantly lauded with praises of her bravery.
There was a Victoria's Secret expo-thing recently. None of them were praised as brave.
Why is it only brave to show yourself when you're unattractive, and shouldn't you feel insulted to be called brave for it?


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  • What's brave about getting naked in front of a load of people who find you incredibly attractive? If you yourself feel unattractive then it's brave, but otherwise it isn't. Stepping outside the norm of what people deem as acceptable, being brave enough to go against the tide to be happy about yourself, that's brave.

    Amy Schumer... well, I'm quite sure she felt good about herself otherwise she wouldn't be doing the shoot so I'm not sure how brave that is really.
    There's nothing brave about doing what is socially acceptable and basically risk free.

    • Aren't you still baring yourself to the world? Exposing your imperfections? Allowing outside comment on what could be private?
      What's not brave about that?

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    • The idea of Schumer showing herself does not bother me. I don't personally find her attractive, though I'm in no position to judge.
      What concerns me is attributing bravery to someone who can only expect praise from the majority because they are too frightened/polite to express their true opinion on her form.

    • You know she'll get shit for doing it don't you? People will be mean, but people are mean about everyone. Even the most beautiful are ridiculed by someone.

      I agree with you in part though, like I said, I doubt Schumer would be doing it were she 50lbs heavier.

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  • this is such a good question oh my gosh, I never thought about it like that


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  • just like how they glorified trans jenner.

    stupidest shit in the world. there's real heros losing limbs and saving lives... or giving up their life to help hopeless people in africa.

    sickens me. even when steve jobs died, all these young grils were crying. do they know him? media and its sheep i swear.

    people who dont read, do research seem to get their reality from tv and social media and have no clue what the hells what lol

  • It's brave if you do that, when it's out of your comfort zone.
    It doesn't matter how you look, if you're used to flashing xD... it isn't brave anymore, but just a habit

  • Amy Schumer actually looks pretty good to me. If she's considered unattractive, then there are no words for my body shape.

    • I'm sure I'd consider her more attractive than me on an objective scale, but that doesn't mean much haha

  • I am jacked af braw

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