Do you think that a domestic can survive in the wild like in Africa or India?

Cat** not can


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  • Domestic what?

    • Domestic cat

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    • No I mean in the same environment with big cats

    • Nah, not gonna happen, those things are vicious

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  • Yup, explorers introduced a five of them to Antarctic in the 1940s, and today they have 3,400 descendants. They're hearty creatures.

    Additionally, the domestic cat evolved from the African wildcat, so surviving in tropical India or Africa wouldn't be too much of a stretch, especially since it's debatable whether cats are domesticated in the first place.


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  • It can and it can not.
    My friend has a cat, and it almost never goes outside, it fully depends on my friend.

    I had a cat, and it was a cat that just came to my house one day and I took it inside.
    But that cat, even though now domestic, hand tame and cuddlish. It was a hunter. She hunted mice, and ate them

    Some cats hunt for sport