How do I become fully confident again?

i used to be really confident because im just a positive person and i realized a long time ago that people like my personality (im nice and considerate of my friends and am loyal, know how to make people laugh, im kind of crazy but in an exciting way like im full of random ideas and know how to have a good time, even though im really nice im not a pushover and know how to stand up for myself and know how to fight, im talkative and can keep a conversation going forever, i have a lot of interests, and i like to be helpful in little ways) and im also just a pretty girl, not trying to sound conceited but i love how i look and im used to receiving compliments all the time. but anyways, i've always been with guys who have appreciated me and treated me really well, and i never let a guy disrespect me and never just settled, but then i somehow ended up in an emotionally abusive relationship. this guy has been wanting to be with me for like 2 years and seemed like a really good guy so i finally decided to give him a chance but it was just horrible. he wouldn't call me out of my name (i would've left riiight away) but he would just slowly get under my skin. he would act like there is something wrong with me. he'd say im too loud and obnoxious, im too talkative and talk way too loud and need to lower my voice (nobody else has everrrrr had a problem with the volume of my voice, but he would literally interrupt me while im talking to tell me to talk quieter ALL THE TIME), that nobody likes me (he'd act like he's the only one who does), im too flashy (i love jewelry and to show off my body a little but not in a super provocative way), that im too high maintenance (because i didn't want to have sex in some random dirty looking place outside), im this, im that, of course i left him but i do feel like it has effected me. i constantly feel like im being judged by everyone now and it just sucks because i used to be so carefree and just got along with everyone but now i have this fear.


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  • Maybe try some counseling.