What do you when you're not sure where you stand looks wise?

what do you when you're not sure where you stand looks wise? I have never thought of myself as really attractive or anything, but yeah, i think im cute, and i dont think i would get any attention if i wasn't cute.

But i dont date that much at all, and its a mix of me not putting myself out there too much and the fact that most guys i meet aren't that interesting to me. The last guy i met that i thought was interesting at first became completely uninteresting as soon as he opnend his mouth and that i found out that he had slept with someone i know.

People dont tell me im attractive all the time and i dont get approach all the time (but then again its not common to do so where i live unless you're drunk). But i have had randome people comming up and telling me im beautiful and i get checked out a lot. So im often stuck between "im hot" and "im not that attractive"

Looks wise i find myself to be average and i go for the cute average guy normally. But at the same time when no y really good looking guys approach me ( i'll get chekced out by some of them) can't hjelp but think that maybe im not that attractive. But at the same time i feel like i only date guys i find average, but cute, im settling because im not that attracted to them, but then again i feel like i have to be realistic, im not THAT attractive so derfor i shouldn't go for really attractive guys. I have only dated one guys where i was really attracted to him, he didn't look like a model at all nor was he ripped, but we just had this instant attraction, it didn't work out though


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  • Get shredded as fuarrrrk! Disregard boy aquire aesthetics

    • I am fit

    • Alright your first step is complete but now you gotta disregard boys and aquire dance moves

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  • You never know who may find you attractive, so don't say you can't go for "really attractive guys." Just be yourself. There's nothing wrong with being cute either.


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  • Just be yourself and love who you are. The rest falls into place


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