Do I have to keep washing my hands after every use on the laptop? (California proposition 65)?

So few days ago I'd just got a new toshiba laptop, and it mentioned the rule 65 about dangerous chemicals, and having to wash hands after handling it. I don't know if all computers have this. And I'm just afraid I can't use it when studying, because I... Tend to eat a lot of snacks. Eheh...


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  • Wtf why are they allowed to sell it!!

    • Apparently it's a scam so lawyers can sue them...

    • I just read up about it all. I think you should be safe not washing your hands every single time (although it's hygienic to because lots of bacteria can build up on keyboards)
      And you can eat while you're on it.
      The levels will be so low it won't really affect you.

    • Ah thank you c: