How do I get over this school?

Columbia University is my dream school but I have neither the grades (I'm a HS freshman) or resources to go there. Plus, I live in a different country. The school has "achievement" and "activity" requirements. Extracurricular stuff like that doesn't exist in my country, I can't do it. If I was American, I'd probably take a lot of loans and study hard, then maybe I'd have a shot. But I don't. It's killing me.

Alexander Hamilton went there. Barack Obama went there. And I'm forced to go to some glorified apartment complex education center (a "university") that opened less than a decade ago with arrogant pricks called professors who plagiarise people's work because they only got their job thanks to their politician relatives.

*I'm a senior, not freshman


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  • Sometimes that's what happens. You shouldn't feel down about it. And just be thankful you're able to go for a higher education that is outside highschool. Some aren't aren't lucky

    • Serioudly? If black people were grateful they were no longer enslaved, they wouldn't have rights.

    • Damn just trying to make you see the better picture geez

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