How to make my dog recover from this?

My psycho friend beat up my dog really bad when i left it at his house, now my dog is afraid of me, my dog is scared from it's own shadow without being beaten up, it doesn't listen to me anymore and wets it self at any sign of threat what should I do?


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  • How did you find out your friend beat him and are there animal rights in your country? I would notify the police.

    Take your dog in to see the vet to make sure everything is okay. Dogs don't show pain even if they are greatly experiencing it. Your vet may also be able to suggest a trainer who can coach you on getting your dog back to normal.

    When your dog pees in the house do not get upset with him it is nervous peeing and if he doesn't get in trouble for it this will make him feel more at ease. Take some time off work to build trust with him. Give him easy tasks to complete then praise him a whole bunch when he does. Things like fetching the ball or peeling outside. It will rebuild his self confidence.

    My dog was a rescue I adopted when she was 3. She still gets nervous sometimes with food. I have to let her know she can eat her food but if someone walks by her while she is eating she retreats.

    As the owner of a timid dog you are your dog's home base/ security blanket. He should feel more confident in social situations with you around to give him cues so just work on reestablishing that bond.


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  • First of all beat up your friend for animal cruelty
    Second of all
    Try earn it's trust back
    Always have a gentle voice
    And let it approach you
    Don't scare it anymore than it already is
    Then when it has approached you
    Show some love to it
    Pet it
    But not too much because that may think you want to hurt it
    It's small steps

  • That's so sad, I'm sorry to hear that. Why did your friend beat him up?


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