U won a ring & a rolex with flawless natural diamonds in a contest. You're at home alone & u hear this on the news & this happens what do u do?

You won a ring and a rolex in a contest. You're at home and you open the box with the rolex while in the kitchen and put it on getting something to drink and while putting on the ring, you drop the ring down the trash disposal. You reachdown to getit and your hand gets stuck because of the rolex you have on your wrist. Youtry to get it out, but you can't. Your phone is in the other room and out of reach. On the news , you hear that a pair of maniac serial murders have escaped and could be in your area. You scream loud to see if one of your neighbors hears you, but no one responds. Then you hear someone break into your front door. Its the escaped maniacs! They come into your house and see you in the kitchen and one pulls out a gun (that they obviously stole) and asks you for your car keys. You try to bargain with them that if they help you get your hand out, you will give them the rolex watch and if the police come and ask questions, you will tell them you haven't seen them.

One of the maniacs are a litttle more sick in the mind and presents you with a deal, let them double penetrate you and they will take the drain apart (one of them was a plumber before they started their life of crime) and free you or the threaten to turn the disposal on and grind up your hand, take the rolex and ring still penetrate you and take your car. One of them finds some tape to put over your mouth, so now you can't scream. What do you do?

I guess this question was too much for gagers.
crickets lol
Filler filler
lol djkhh


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  • Is there someone I can call for you? You sound like you need help.

    • Lol why?

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    • So what would you do?

    • Not indulging you in your torture porn fantasy.

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  • say sure, wait till they get close, then grab a knife that i keep by the sink stab whichever one is closest and throw it at the other one

    • One has a gun... You could get shot.

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    • than penetrated by a a pair of maniacs who will likely kill me anyway. if i am going to die i am going down swinging

    • Okay cool, I can understand that

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  • Wow, that went downhill fast.

    • What would you do?

    • What would be a solution?