My roommate is freaking me out?

so i rent a room, and happen to have a roommate, 52 yo woman, who is snoring at night so freaking loud!

Also, she have strange work, she work at nights, like 2 nights she working (and all day at home), and 3-4 nights AT HOME...

and she is always at home, like always, i got tired of seeing her already.

also, she started a lot of fights with me, so we ended up not talking at all...

also, she smells really bad, her food smells gross and she fart loud often.

I am already, literally, hate her... can't stand her...

I can't find a new roommate, bcoz the owner decides who will live here.

and can't find a new room, cuz this room is good for me, near to university and work...

so what should i do?


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  • You should invest in earplugs.

    • I put 2 earplugs in each ear and still hear her f*ing snore)))

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    • Lol, if only there ll be no prison afterwards...

    • A good assassin never spills their contractor. Wait, this got dark, all over snoring. I am a terrible person.

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