Help? How can I be more attractive to guys?

I never wear makeup unless lip balm and moisturizer count. I dress in jeans/shorts and a hoodie or a tshirt. Almost all of my tshirts are mens so no I don't often show clevage.
I know I'm not ugly but I've never had a serious boyfriend... I think it's because I dress how I do. Maybe it's also because I swear a lot. Other than that I'm pretty feminine, like I'm not into sports or beer or first person shooter games or anything, but I think my appearance and potty mouth might be why guy's don't see me as a girlfriend option because those are things people first notice.
I've been trying to cut down on swearing but I feel like if I suddenly started wearing skirts and nice girl shirts and wearing makeup then people would make fun of me for 'trying too hard' because of how I've always been? How can I be more girlish without being too obvious about it?


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  • Wear what you like not what you thinks others will. I have a crush on a girl right now who dresses exactly how you describe. I don't know her very well but it's the way she carries herself and her personality that attracted me. Dress how you want to dress and don't let people change you. If you want to change the way you dress go for it but make sure it's for the right reasons.


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  • True. I was in the same place, maybe I still am. If you're a little worried about making a drastic change then do it slowly, stick to jeans and shorts but change your tops. Instead of t-shirts you can go for some cute spaghetti straps or tank tops. Then slowly move on to skirts and dresses. For makeup, you can slowly transition from the natural look to something bold casually. As for your 'potty mouth', there's only self discipline. If you want, you could write down the swear words you speak each day, may help you cut down on swearing.
    Besides, all these may help you to look feminine but that may not get you a boyfriend. If you're comfortable in boyish clothes and swearing loudly, maybe you should stick to it. There are guys who prefer girls who are simpler, but if it makes you happy to look more feminine then go ahead.


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  • Just wait till you meet right guy for you - Don't change - I think you sound great.


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