Why can games like 'Words With Friends' get away with profiting off what is obviously an almost identical Scrabble rip-off? And how can I block ads?

Is there a mobile ad blocker? Every single turn there is an ad... so greedy.


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  • It's called Adblock

    • it's called respond to my messages. Mean :(

      and WWF is a mobile game

    • You asked "How can I block ads?" It's called "AdBlock" it blocks ads.

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  • Mobile add blocker have been removed from all mobile app stores about 3 years ago. So those who got an ad blocking app before then AND is still using that current device will still be able to block ads (which is highly unlikely seeing how most people get a new phone every 2 years ).

    Keep in mind that although you hate ads, the ads are what keeps these mobile app and mobile games free.

    Would u pay $3-$5 for Words With Friends or YouTube to be ad free?

    • Adblock works on yt. Why would they remove adblockers from the store?

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    • Stupid FB even has ads and Zucky was already making a TON Of money BEFORE they had ads.

    • business are always looking for ways to make money, sharing ppl's profile info on Facebook to advertisers is another revenue stream to tap into.

      Facebook is a demographic statistical goldmine, lots of useful data there for advertisers and business... and "Zucky" recognized that. The shareholders love him for that!

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  • because there are enough differences between that and the trademarked brand. it happens all the time and you probably don't even know it. also, I don't know for ad blockers, but i doubt it.

  • I assume it is different enough a game previously called scrabulous got sued for being the same as the bonus squares were in the exact same sports as scrabble.

  • I think there are mobile blockers but I don't know of any good ones that work well.

    While it is indeed Scrabble the architecture of the game is different enough to allow them to make a differential, plus royalties etc. are likely paid.