What do you do over the things you cannot change?

I think there are many things you wish to change but you cannot.
You are probably wasting your time thinking about those stupid things and I'm the one.

That's why I'm always on gag and seek for approvals of my insecurities.

But I realized nothing has changed actually. Things I wish to change have not changed and my feeling toward them hasn't changed either no matter how people on gag react to them.

So I just want to tell you guys that don't stick to what you cannot and don't have, and start focusing on what you can and have.
You will be more self-conscious when you just stick to your insecurities and don't spend your time improving in your ability.

Don't waste your time on wishing but take actions to use what you have. Thanks


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  • Thanks for sharing - Don't get downhearted about it just follow the most positive path for yourself at all times, it will be worth it in the end.


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  • You accept them. Then you work around them.


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