I think I'm blasian?

Okay, I was adopted when I was a few months old by family members of my birth mom. As I've gotten older I've looked back at past pictures and my current features and they resemble a lot of typically "asian" features. For example I have a VERY prominent epicanthal fold whixh contributes to my turned up, squinted eyes, flat nose (meaning I have a super tiny bridge) etc. My family or the biological mom doesn't know who the father is so there's no way for me to be able to see that side. Could I possible have a little Asian in my ethnicity other than black?

I'm also sorry if this offended anyone or come off as ignorant. I am still learning.

by the way the epicanthal fold is fhe extra skin flap on the corner of your eye that helps gives it the slanted look


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  • You could, but you could always ask your parents about your lineage since they may know.

    • I'm adopted, and my bio mom doesn't know who the dad is and neither does my adoptive mom

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    • I thought the same thing, but she was... I don't wmt to say a hoe but she was a hoe. From many stories from many people she had a lot of one night stands around the time I was conceived

    • Ah, I'm sorry :(

      I just did some digging online and found you could do a DNA test to help determine your ethnicity, but you would have to look further into it if you're interested.

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  • It's pronounced chi-negro not blaisan

    • no, that's if you're black and chinese. just like you can be a japanegro or negrorean :D

    • actually chinegro is mixed with Chinese. I can't say that because I don't know exactly which ethnicity it could possibly come from so I have to use the term blasian

    • Haha I just wanted to say chinegro

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