Any books you've read or things you do to make yourself feel happier?

I work in remote camps and work 3-4 weeks a month so I'll have a week off if I'm lucky. The week I'm off I don't do much but game since I'm an introvert. So I have no relationships and do to work I've had to turn down two dates (that girls have asked me out on so I was flattered). Due to being called in to work for a week.
i turned 28 dec4 and I wrote myself a note.
"hey bro your doing fine keep losing weight go to the gym more! Your doing amazing! Be selfish! Stop worrying about relationships and stop trying to make people happy! Only try to please yourself and finish paying the last 20k of your student loan! In two years you'll be 30 and let's go into it as a different better man!"

sounds dumb but I'm trying to motivate myself and be happier. The high from the gym only does so much and I've been losing weight and started archery. But I need either some positive books or what people do to stay positive. Any suggestions?


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  • Interacting with friends makes me happier