What does it mean if I apologize to someone (online) and they don't say anything?

We got into an argument, your typical online argument with insults thrown in there. Last message I said was me apologizing for my outburst and taking everyback I said, that I was going through some tough times and was just stressed out.

This person didn't reply back. Am I to assume my apology was not accepted or accepeted? How would you take it? It was not easy to apologize, I rarely do, if ever. I feel really vulnerable and stupid, why the hell did I just apologize.


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  • It's good you apologized. Now it's their turn to be the bigger person and accept. You should always apologize if you were wrong even if they didn't. They might just need time to cool off... I avoid people when I'm still mad at them because I'm not ready to reconcile or I'm afraid I'll say something I regret.

    Don't feel stupid... doing the right thing is hard sometimes and we all have emotional outbursts.


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