Why you hate billions of innocent Muslims?

If ISIS is Islam
why they don't free phalastine Not even a step?
why u don't make effort to read About Islam before beliving media?
why terriost are today where were they in the history of Islam?

If you can't punish the criminal then don't punish his innocent cousin

I'm Muslim I'm not responsible of others mistake, ask me anything before you judge
Ready to correct ur info

Im sick of Insulting Muslims

Feel free to say anything I won't be mad, promise
Thanks for responses


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  • Before answering your question, I would like you to realize 2 important things:

    1. Not everyone hates Islam, I'm aware that there is a lot of hate and misunderstanding about our religion in the western world, but I'm beyond sure that the people who have a neutral to positive view about Islam are more than those who have a negative one. So as much as we Muslims don't like people to think that we are all terrorists, we also shouldn't think or assume that all western people hate Islam or think that all Muslims are terrorists.

    2. We Muslims shouldn't care about the hate towards our religion regardless of how big or small this hate is, because quite honestly, this hate won't affect Islam whatsoever, Islam will always prevail no matter what, in fact, Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth even in those countries where Islam and Muslims are bing misrepresented and demonized by the media, so as you can see, no matter who hard they try to destroy the image of Islam, everything they do is worthless because still millions of people are converting to Islam every year, so no worries about Islam because it will always prevail.

    Now coming to your question, there are two groups of people who hate Islam and/or Muslims ( which again, those people are not the majority of the western world):

    1. People who are unintentionally ignorant, and those are the brainwashed ones who don't know anything about Islam and have never met any Muslim person in their life, and they just go by what they see on the media, and honestly we can't blame them here because the media has its own malicious ways to fool and brainwashed this group, however once these people meet Muslims and once they are shown the real Islam from the right sources, they will change their false view.

    2. People who are intentionally ignorant, and there's no hope for those, they may or may not know about Islam but they don't care about the truth either way, because they just want to hate and stereotype, and that's it, it's their hobby to hate and to be ignorant, reasons might be:
    - bigotry.
    - being biased towards their religion or lack of religion.
    - being hatful for no reason, so they hate anyone who is not them just for the heck of it.

    Out of topic, but as a Palestinian myself, I like it when English speakers say "Phalastin" or "falastin" instead of Palestine... It's how you would pronounce it in Arabic.

    • Very well said...
      Yeah I meant the racist one I'm sure most Westren are good

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    • @elissadido haha you think so? ;D

    • It should be!!! You said it all, specially the part about how we shouldn't care if they love us or not, I won't change my belief for the sympathy of ignorant people

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  • I'm very sorry for all the harsh words you've been subjected to. I'm always trying to remind my friends that there are a lot of kind/nice/sweet Muslims in the world, but you must understand that a lot of people are afraid or angry about ISIS, and so they really aren't behaving their best. A lot of people are also very unaware of the differences in Muslim of various countries, so they're afraid of all Muslims; a shame, because we have no excuse since we all have internet and the freedom to research anything.

    I've been arguing in my family a lot lately, because some of my family is in favor of closing the US off from Muslims temporarily, but I'm afraid that the nicer Muslim countries will be offended and see the US as a bad friend if we do.

    Its nice to see the kindness you've shown in the comments, and I'm especially relieved to see there are Muslims who would have an understanding attitude towards us closing he boarder even if it did cometo that for a while.

    Thanks for answering all of the questions with kindness. God bless you! 😁

    • Aww really made my busy commenting day haha I'm really trying not to leave an question, don't worry I'll handle that. all those harsh people to one person didn't stuck me. I'm happy doing a favor for both sides...
      Noo we also don't judge all American by act of few , thanks for trying
      Americans will be good friend to us most of citizen are kind...
      all comments will be answered.. Many thanks God bless you! :D

  • Well, I've said this before:

    ```if you reject death penalty for sex outside of marriage or homosexuality, don't think that women need to "submit" to their husband, don't think that eating pork will kill you and that God will make you suffer for it, don't support male/female circumcision, and don't wear a hijab; then you are perfectly fine as a 'Muslim'.```

    • -Homosexual threat generation, children only come by opposite sex, Wait death plenty only invented by western country, Quran never mentioned death plenty. Christian/Jew against it.
      -Christian/Jew/Muslim you submit to ur husband for many reason [I would explain more]
      -eating pork will defentily cause death [I can prove]
      -I don't wear Hijab, Christian/Jew/Islam should wear Hijab but it's not main thing, a lot of Muslim don't wear them, it's only if you want to protect yourself from rape or to tell boys she isn't slut or toy protect herself from player, if she don't care then no need to hijab, she still Muslim not going to be punished ever

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    • @allgoodandfun In the end, the only interesting question is whether you've looked all those things up to verify "why you don't eat pork" BECAUSE you wanted to verify your religion, or because you actually were initially curious and made the choice on your own WITHOUT being influenced by your religion.

    • i looked it up because i was curious why my religion forbids it, i don't just blindly follow what i'm told. i don't need to justify my religion, i justify my actions. my religion also forbids alcohol but i drink regardless, it forbids pre-marital sex but the reasons don't cut it for me so i do as i please. it's not all so black and white, wrong and right. all muslims (in fact everyone) need to think about what they're asked to do and believe

  • There are no "innocent" muslims. Islam is islam -- barbaric, elitist and fascist religion. It's goal is to subjugate all non-muslims to Sharia law. By creating topics like this you're supporting jihad.

    This is all non-muslims should know about islam. Written by a former muslim:
    nocompulsion. com/answers-to-objections-when-you-talk-about-islam/

    So quit lying, jihadist.

    • Haha did I mention Jihad, or ur just ignorant judgemntal with no standards?

      Jihad is when we go & free palatine who is getting killed horribly by Radical Jews

      Ur talking with no evidence no brain raised with hates

      I'm being nice just like Islam taught me , but YOU represent ur own believe

      So quit lying, Racist.

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    • Ok Saudi based in Islam / Isis Based in Islam / I'm based in Islam
      You know they are totally different believe
      Can u pick who is the right Muslims?
      Not true I don't get paid

    • We have a saying in Russian, which can be loosely translated into English as "I'm not an expert in sorting grades of crap". That's my point of view on muslims from different backgrounds. Their religion is a fascist-barbarian death cult; I don't give a damn how they live themselves or whatever they are/aren't allowing their own folks to do.
      I just know islam's viewpoint on non-muslims and that's all that matters.

      And it's not deformed, it's just retarded religion in it's core. I personally believe this world would've been better without islam and muslims.

      And I didn't said you get paid; I said if you're paying alms in mosque, you're supporting jihad. Heck, you even do it by making questions like this.

  • I don't agree with Islam's hatred towards bacon.

    • Bacon is health danger.. Islam never banned something unless it's harmful... Here the linkπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

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    • why woman can't marry 4 husband?
      The reason why it is allowed for a man to marry more than on women [With Consent of each individual wife] is because throughout history, and still in current times (though not so drastically) there have been many more women than men.

      Keep in mind also that no matter where you were, across Europe, Africa, and Asia, polygamy was much practiced, and it wasn't just four women, men would marry dozens of women. Islam declared that women were to be treated equal to men, this is why men could marry more women; because if there are more women than men, every man can be married, but half - three times more women would remain unable to marry anyone in their lives.

      So in to provide more equality and rights for women, men were allowed to take in more wives as long as each wife agreed to consent, and with a limit of four

    • why he married Aisha (6 years) ? she was minor in the old days girls used to grow faster she started period in that age also she was capable to be wife also she was engaged before prophet a
      [more details down]

  • I am tolerant of anyone that is tolerant with me. I do not try to convert anyone to my beliefs and am intolerant to anyone that attempts to force me to convert to their beliefs. I admit there are many things I do not understand about the ways of islam and reserve judgement based on that very fact

    • Me too I don't try to convert anyone, I like people believe in what they believe and live their standards not others πŸ’―

    • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • first of all. only stupid ignorant americans hate the all muslims and its understandable in a way too. look at the middle east, muslims killing muslims more than anyone and they kill christians everyday.

    theyre the only religion who can't get along with others.

    though a small percentage are radicals, how can any of us tell?

    I've studied mohammed (the model figure) and read some of the quran.
    in my opinion, along with a kurdish generals, some scholars, RADICAL ISLAM IS TRUE ISLAM lived out by mohammed and the quran.

    peaceful muslims are actually cherry picking. a lot of what isis do is in the quran.

    LOOK AT THE RESULT OF ISLAM. constant conflict and even killing your own.

    from my observations and there's preaching on this as well.

    muslims mans lifestyle is dirty outside as well as his insides.

    jewish mans life is clean on the outside but dirty on the inside

    understand that the result of islam isn't something that represents the true God.

    i have muslims freinds and you know what? i can't tell a muslim by his character. they see women as objects and always cheat on their gfs etc.

    i wouldn't let my future kids date a practicing muslim. id be extreemly against it especially if its my daughter.

    • the radicals are the ones who are actually following mihammeds footsteps and its true theology

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    • Thank you so much, U dames good person too πŸ’―

    • Sames*

  • here's the thing
    I haven't seen anyone else take a religion so seriously as muslims. The normal ones follow a religion that looks at everyone else badly. No matter what you do you will feel judged by not being a certain standard when you are around them. This is bad that is bad this and that... halah This.. if they follow such rules and most people around hem dont - by default they will think those people are not as good as them. Now thats normal everyday people

    What about the extremes... the ones that will cut your hand off if you steal. Or murder daughters for having sex with white boys.

    Then you have the really crazy ones that will sit and breed a new class of crazy people. The terrorist. Their love for religion is so strong that you can feed them any kind of bullshit interpretation of the book, get into their head - next thing you know this person is willing to blow himself up and others thinking he will go to heaven for it.

    • - everyone take his religion seriously, we are not playing hide-seek lol Unless they don't believe inside, but want to have a religion name
      - wrong! in any religion if you have different views than me normally I won't say you right as me. so here (respect is the solution no convert no force)
      - "this is bad this is bad" is human being attitude (or why lovewings took so hard to be approved in country of Non muslim?) I bet you did here this sentence from your family still more thing people argue about in western.
      - lets say if you steal money should we as human Clap for you? wrong is wrong & anything banned in islam is already banned in western society either illegal or shameful in society
      to be continued...

    • Well first lets look at the Qur'an:
      As to the thief, Male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example, from Allah, for their crime: and Allah is Exalted in power. But if the thief repents after his crime, and amends his conduct, Allah turneth to him in forgiveness; for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.
      Qur'an 5:38-39

      So clearly the Qur'an does say to cut a thief's hands, but this is only one verse. Additionally verse 39 states that if the thief repents, Allah forgives them (and it is implied that no punishment should be incured). Lastly, if we are going to correctly apply Qur'anic Law, we need to understand the whole instead of the single.

    • Terrorist appeared lately in Islamic history there never been such a thing why?
      1- they don't represent Islam currectly as you said they use word "No" [read prophet story of how he respond or raise his children or muslim]
      2-Turkey is muslim by majority look how open minded & simple they are [pray 5, fast, don't hurt others, don't hurt yourself] result? they are getting successful country in all major even this site made by Turkish haha
      3-why a lot of western joined the Isis? they have all kind of freedom ! simply, only psychopathic will enjoy killing innocent use islam name or others just fooled like few muslims
      4- don't forget islam was the most modern country & western was typical ISIS in history kill themselves by the name of Christian until Ottoman Empire came the islam failed western took all Islamic books, invites, culture from us, thanks to western without them we would be darkness

  • I don't πŸ’πŸ»

  • I don't
    Most muslims are decent people.
    These terrorists are destroying a thousand years of muslim societal progress.
    All the contributions to medicine, mathematics, The arts, and philosophy down the drain. All because a tiny fraction of them don't like these great things.
    you have far more reason to hate them than anyone else

    • I agree, I just want to stop generalizing based in few Criminal

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    • he's still alive, he just got out of the air force, he has an enigneering degree and after havong 3kids the air force salry didn't cut it. so he went into the private sector,
      all those contractdictory terms are the reult of not sleeping for two days plus autocorrect.

    • i really hate autocorrect

  • I don't hate muslims, I just hate Islam, as a religion.

    But, I won't say anything against Islam here, because you know.. no one likes a bomb being hurled at their house.

    • One must know your address first though.

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    • https://youtu.be/DFyPB6c4B9k
      Just For Syrian victims 😒

    • Syrian victim who their soul is so cheap nowadays

  • Shoot I am Christian and I am tired of hearing all of this hatred toward the Muslim community. I may not agree with your beliefs but man there is no reason to speak nor act with hatred. I am sorry that some of our countrymen are treating you in this way. In all honesty Isis is getting what they want by us being so fearful and hating one another. They want us divided and tearing each other apart. That way they don't have to do it themselves. They are a cowardly and weak lot that have no backing of any belief system other than to kill the innocent.

    • As well I have a few questions. See I had to study some of the major religions in high school and we did cover Islam. I am just wanting to make sure that I am remembering everything correctly and sorts. Now as for Mahamid, my apologies if it is mispelled, he was just a profet that was visited by an angel so he could spread the word of God or Allah correct? As well I was taught that some or all of you believe that Jesus did exsist and that you believe that he will return as well. Again I am uncertain if this all is correct. I just want to know more about it. To be honest I have an interesting theory about it all.

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    • Yes what you remember is correct

    • Thank you for taking the time and answering my questions.

  • It's not assuming all Muslims are terrorists to say that Islam, as a religious and secular governing ideology, especially in the geographical locations torn by strife and beset by poverty it is dominant in, is a significant factor in the creation of radical terrorists.
    There are some problems with Islam, quite a few.
    Don't blow people up and you'll be fine, but there are other considerations to be had, and you can't deny them.

    • thank you for not hating or being judgmental

  • I only hate the terrorists and those that would kill innocent people but I'm still not letting thousands of Muslim immigrants into my country, and I am still going to be weary of most of them that I see until the whole terrorist thing is brought under control, it's better to keep them all at arms length rather then embrace them when the enemy hides among them, making it impossible to tell the guilty from the innocent.

    • I agree with not letting Muslim immigrants into your country but do you agree of not letting Ban alllll Muslim even US themself to enter USA like trump said?
      I don't blame u, you should be aware until terriost under control, but I only ask u to not believe Israel/IsIs game

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    • @ScruffynateAK don't stir stuff up this conversation has been closed, nothing further will be replied to.

    • My apologies 😟

  • You ask why I hate billions of innocent Muslims? I don't...

  • No one hates all Muslims. not even Donald Trump FFS. What people do hate is a bronze age backwards religion that encourages all manner of atrocities and upholds a self proclaimed prophet/warlord/child lover. When people hate Islam it doesn't mean they hate Muslims.

    • I know, I answered all this πŸ’― Checkthem

  • Islam is a crazy religion. If your not one of us your scum and deserve to die. Infadel, a religion that preaches fellow humans are substandard because they believe in different things. That's what I've gotten from it. No other religion threatens people who don't believe in it

    • Media? Saw Haters opinion? Didn't Read all Quran? made research? Saw a half verse? Never had Muslim friend?
      Then don't judge Islam πŸ•Œ

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    • I understand hope oneday you believe in your own believe, found truth and live ur standard

    • Why do you get semi-literate all of a sudden when you talk to me

  • The way u right this u sound like you're hating on us!

    Not all people hate Muslims. I happen to like Muslims! More than a lot of Christians! (Sorry xD)

    They're just really nice!

  • I know that
    But a lot of people are afraid though

    • I don't blame you, it's better to be aware

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    • I'm so glad one of my best friends is Muslim
      No matter how much doubt and fear, him being a good person is a good reminder that it's just the extremists we should be hating

    • yeah only who have a muslim friend can differentiate than who didn't even research who claim he know islam
      one of my best friend is Christian & so so different lifestyle than me but so much respect of each other. my goal that all religion be in that peace again.

  • I don't hate Muslims, I just don't like any holy book that supports or breeds any form of violence in any way. I don't even like the Christian bible because of it.

    • We said million times there's no word in our book supports murder but clarey you commit to misunderstand
      Here 3 Verses from Quran prevent murdering πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

    • @Universehateme Thank you for that link, I understand.

    • Thank you for understanding, I got to answers I was under pressure Around 10h lol πŸ™„

  • You're the generalising one now. I don't hate all Muslims. I hate Muslims who do things which go against my values.

    • I guess I should update my subject I didn't mean to generalize I know most Westren don't
      Thank you πŸ’―

  • I hear you sister.

  • DAEŞ (ISIS) not muslim, This is doing to discredit Muslims, Muslims do not kill people. i m a Muslim and I have respect for all religions and people and sorry my bad English.

    • "" Muslims do not kill people. ""

      Unless they're `apostates` or they `attack Muslims`, think of Charlie Hebdo.

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    • That's pretty common among all religions, but that doesn't mean the religion isn't taking part in it.
      Christians did it with the crusades, but doesn't that mean Christianity advocated genocide?

      Well apparently I guess not, but the Church still did, and Islam is still governed by "Imams" and stuff. I guess the problem here is organized religion and certain organizations taking advantage of that; it was the same with the Catholic Church and it is the same now with ISIS.

      I guess the question is, were the Christians during the Crusades actual "real Christians", or were they terrorists?

    • @Mesonfielde I think this is not about religion, associated with people's ignorance. These people are misinterpreting of religion.

  • I beg your pardon. Why do you assume I do?

    • No I regret that I didn't explain , I know not all Westren hate Muslim 😘

  • but therre are no innocent men, we are all guilty

  • Because y'all are nuts

  • I hate Islam but that doesn't mean I hate all Muslims.

    • read my answers or make research (details) , thanks for not hating muslims this is the point.

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    • 1. If Islam is true then God punishes you for leaving it. That's like saying it was OK for Stalin to kill people for what they said even though those people knew there would be consequences for speaking out. The only difference is Stalin punished for words while god punishes for thoughts and Stalins' punishment was finite while gods is infinite.
      2. I'm saying that a God who punishes people for their beliefs is evil
      3. Cheating in most countries doesn't result in death or life in prison and cheating is an action not a belief.
      4. no, there are people who went from being Muslim to apostates.

    • I don't avoid Islam any more than I do other religions because the claims made by religions cannot be substantiated.

  • I am an atheist, and I don't hate them for the extremists that they have. I do admittedly look down on the direction their society has headed. The world would be a far better place without religion teaching people that math and science are evil.

    They gave so much to our understanding of math and science, then suddenly they started getting taught nonsense like math was the work of the devil, and now they haven't progressed at all. If Jews can come to terms with their religion and science, then there is no reason why Muslims shouldn't be able to do the same. My biggest complaint about Christians also involve them standing in the way of science. This problem is just worse in the Muslim faith.

    He explains it better than I ever could. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZCuF733p88

  • Another Muslim going on a Muslim tirade, eh?

    I'm Jewish

    • Just answering here 😊

  • I want a fine Muslim woman.


  • Isis has killed more Muslims than anybody else. But for some reason, people still want to pretend isis and Islam are one and the same.

    • Well it isn't that hard to relate them once you know the full form of "ISIS" the first word says Islamic.

    • @takumii u based ur judge in a fake name? They were able to name it Christian state Tho but they goal Islam

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  • don't you realise people are afraid? people wonder why on earth so much hate and murder is currently stemming from one religion, killing MASSES all around the globe. of course SOME will end up thinking you're all the same, not because they don't like you, but because they're freaking terrified.

    to many people, the media is their main source of information. many don't have that filter, to know what side is real and what side isn't, and frankly, they probably don't wanna know. i agree with u that not every muslim should be judged for the acts of some, i really do. it's unfair. however, I'm not at all surprised that you're facing the oppression you are. it's sad, but it's the cost of believing in what is now such a controversial faith.

    • they wonder cz they didn't research well or know muslim in their life. Just media rumors.
      Thanks for understanding
      I'm Ok with you not to trust but we are in same boat Muslims unbeliever of Isis face more murdering everyday.
      be aware I'm myself terrified as in our country ISIS bombed 3 mosque, [our property?] which kind of new religion is this!!

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    • I understand ur point πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ Thank you. Dear

    • no worries. i respect the way you've conducted yourself here.

  • a lot of them act pompous towards me and like their better than me because they wear a hijab and I don't.

    Most that I've met have been arrogant, forceful, very obnoxious and bad mouthed ( these Muslim girls on the bus swear and start fights and are the loudest yet act like they are pure and have immunity to criricsm since they wear a hijab.) More than most of the jews, Christians and other people of religious faiths that I knkw

    Their religion naturally seems really violent not mentioning isis

    I've heard multiple cases of honour killings happening in Canada because these Muslim girls didn't want to wear their hijabs and their father killed them. He felt it was justified and did not have guilt

    And the fact that women have to cover themselves is ridiculous. Some are forced but I have no idea why women would chose to do that. Over stupid things too. Tell me how hair is sexual?

    Now tell me how that's a religion of peace.

    Do I hate Muslims? No. Would I be one? Definetely not. Do I strongly disagree with their religion? Definetely

    But I disagree with religion in general. I'm going to get a lot of hate for this and that is completely fine. I'm not here to discourage people from being Muslim but this is my own personal opinion. So please don't get all butt hurt and hypersensitive in the comments, it has zero effect on me. Dont waste your time, I'm gonna debate you because it's pointless. You cannot debate subjectivity

    • Who said I'm going to disagree with you?
      I'm myself struggling with my brother about Hijab..
      Trying to convince them Islam is not hijab
      Most Don't wear them
      i hate Don't like myself

    • I don't like it myself ** honestly
      Saudi Arabia was the reason making it big issue yeah & other copy that think it's all about Islam..

    • I don't know enough about the religion to go into spefic but from what I hear a lot of it seems questionable to me. I'm sure you're a great person

  • I think there is so much hatred undo hatred towards Muslims. Half the people I hear who talk shit about how all Muslims are evil don't know shit about what real intolerance means. About half the people in my maternal grandfathers' family were starved to death because they weren't Muslim like most of the Ottoman empire. But while some of the Muslims in the Ottoman empire killed the Christian subjects in WW1 (Turks and Kurds) others helped protect them (Arabs and Persians). Plus, me blaming all Muslims for that would be like a Jew blaming all Christians for the Holocaust. And it's because of the lessons my Grandpa taught me which he learned from his parents and that my that I fight religious intolerance.

    • after Ottoman Empire with several years, Islam lost..
      sorry about what happened..
      totally agree!

    • Thanks for recognizing our plight. Turks actually like to call the genocides propaganda used by western imperialists against Islam or just an imperialist lie. Of course was it Armenian nationalist groups who aided and abided western imperialist designs in the Middle East? NO!!! That was Turkey, every single step of the way.

  • ISIS =/= Islam lol
    I do not hate Muslims.

  • I don't hate Muslims,

  • I could use the same generalization to say why do mulims hate westerners.

    I dont see people hating msulims. what happening is they are talking about bringing thousands of muslims here who we dont know if they are trying to kill us or not. To me its not worth risk right now.

    • If you are referring to Trump's proposal, he should be proposing to tighten the imigration system rather than pulling out the ban card.

    • I didn't generalize I said many time , most Westren are nice it's only few racist
      I won't judge the Westren by the act of few

      I agree to minimize the immigration but not with ban every Muslim
      What if Muslim countries ban non Muslim out Now

      What I should be punished in something I didn't do & never will

  • People seem to forget how many Muslims have died at the hands of isis and how many Muslim buildings and mosques isis has destroyed. Isis has killed more Muslims than anybody else. But for some reason, people still want to pretend isis and Islam are one and the same.

  • I don't think everyone hates muslims. Most of them are repressed and weak individuals anyways. No point in hating them. They get exploited because of their weak minds and the fact that mualims can't think on their own and need to follow the fatwas of an imam.

    • ""the fact that mualims can't think on their own and need to follow the fatwas of an imam.""

      Exactly, their thoughts are not their own. They rely on others to think in their on place...