Is it so wrong to like being alone?

I am comfortable being alone. I am at ease and relaxed. I only like being with people when the company i have is well established and strong. Like my few good friends, boyfriend and family. But with other people such as when im at work or especially in school, i feel really anxious. I only talk to new people if they start talking to me, but not many people do that in the first place so im left alone a lot of the times. Like right now... im at graduate school on break before we have to present our final projects. I looked for an empty room and im just sitting here until its really to go back to the classroom. Is this bad? I dont know how to be social. Im a lost cause... i've been like this basically my whole life and i want to change but i dont know how to. Its really really hard. But at the same time, i love being alone too.


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  • No, not at all! I like being alone too. I don't really need company. I can do what i like. No women complaining about the football on tv haha. Its absolutely normal. We all have our preferences. Your life your rules :)


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