Do you think that a lot of overly attractive people develop ahit personalities?

I don't like generalizing but I've met a lot of people (both boys and girls) that would be considered attractive and had the personality of a cardboard box

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Most Helpful Girl

  • If they're spoiled and they let it get to their heads, then yes. But I know a lot of attractive people who are very humble and compassionate so it doesn't always ring true. I'd rather have an average looking guy with a great personality though :)

    • Yeah I know plenty of people like that too. The only ones I experience that have shit personalities are the ones that are exceptionally attractive

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    • Oh god I've met those too. I always can't help but to feel somewhat bad for them but then they speak and I hate them again lol

    • Hahaha people are so weird

Most Helpful Guy

  • It's hard not to if you didn't have a good upbringing to quell that problem. Think about it, if everyone you met found you attractive since birth and treated you better than others. You'd start to feel like you're "better", even tho what defines a person is deeper than that. It's a mix of character and psychology. Your mindset is effected by your experience


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What Girls Said 3

  • i think it depends!

  • No, I gave met attractive people with nice personalities

  • This is true of many very-attractive people, because in all honesty cute kids get away with a lot more than non-cute ones lol, and this goes on into adulthood. So it's not their fault, it's other peoples fault for putting them on a pedestal.


What Guys Said 1

  • I won't lie sometimes I have been known to think like that then got to know beautiful girls and find myself if you only got to know the girls you would like them more.
    Again another I know, sometimes they don't help themselves by reverting to type by doing something flirty or bitchy but how often would a non "Beautiful Person" do something off and get away with it.
    Sometimes being a "Beautiful Person" can have advantages but also disadvantages, I have seen girls have a hell of a time integrate themselves into a group because of their perceived "Beautiful Person" image especially in work situations.

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