Why are most of the girls so selfish?

I mean girls often depend upon their dads when it come to shopping and stuff. Most of them are pampered so much by their dads who might struggle so much to earn, Of course its meant to be like that.. accepted

secondly girl find some guy [who most of the time turns out to be bad ass and some one with no future , who himself waste his dads money on every other girl] whom they might fall in love. Enjoy their high school life with them, demand all kind of beauty crap on earth from him, get laid. And this all happens without their parents have any idea.,

and finally break her dads trust for all and then gets married to a nice guy who actually is rich and shy who actuallly have no expirence with girls. She gets all she wants throughout her life'
And finally not tho forget she is pampered by boyfriends, dads, husbands, etc

She finallly has to do nothing for survival only guys have to think about career and handling their family and stuff, about earning, taking care of the family, WHY?


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  • There is possibly some girls like this but I don't think ALL girls are like that.
    The guys in paragraph 2 are just the same as the selfish girls. I worry that if you go through life with a very narrow vision of things you might miss meeting a genuine nice girl who is not like the girls you described.

    • Yup i see your point but sadly girls these days are so corrupt and into sexual stuff betraying their parents too... really sad truth.. I am type of a guy who is simple and have my own principles... Does that make me les attractive?

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    • I hope they would... And your welcome... You deserved that... Do girls really like guys like me... Standing fir my words?

    • Some would admire it but be careful how you present your case - Always be polite

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  • Wow! So, I came up with a theory about why some men become transgendered and truly convince themselves that they are women at some point in life and it is because of reasons like this.

    The man is jealous of women from a very young age. They perceive that woman "have it easier", they get whatever they want, they don't have to work for anything, life is just peaches and sunshine for them, but no, men have to work hard, provide, and protect, and they don't like that; so subconsciously, they begin to hate women, blaming all their problems on them. This sometimes develops into, "If only I was her, then life would be great." They become self-hating out of their own envy, while simultaneously hating the other gender, and at the final stage (an extreme level in the subconscious mind), they convince themselves fully that they are not men, they are women in men's bodies. That way there is no self-hatred or hatred of the other gender. It's a defense mechanism of the brain. I believe it could be considered an extreme form of projection, in a way.

    Women who identify as trans may also have the same experience. They feel like it isn't fair that everything in the world revolves around men, they are looked down, they aren't given equal pay, they are expected to give up their career to get married, have kids, and become stay at home moms, they can't have sex with a bunch of men, but men can have sex with a bunch of women, they're bodies suffer from sex (bleeding, breaking hymen during first time) and childbearing which is extremely painful, and they are expected to cook, clean, and have babies. If they are not very attractive they are looked down on because everyone knows women aren't good for anything but sex, and no one wants to have sex with an ugly girl. They are susceptible to rape, robbieries, kidnappings, and all kinds of things, but men still think "gosh, those girls have it so easy." So women begin to hate men, and hate themselves, they use feminism as a cover up for their men and self-hatred, and become trans or butch-looking lesbians. They denounce all things feminine: Hell no to dresses! Hell no to being in an oppressive relationship with a man controlling my body! Hell no to being a mother! Hell no to makeup and all that girly shit! I don't cook or clean! I'm a hardworking, liberated women, with the job position of a 50 year old man; and don't you dare ask men when I'm going to settle down and have kids. How dare you push your patriarchal views down my throat.

  • I'm not sure where you got this, but I for one take no money from my father or anyone else for that matter. I like to earn my money. I wouldn't say most girls are like this. Some are, yes, but not all.

  • ... the question says "most of the girls" but what you described is a situation 99% of the population haven't been involved in, so...


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  • Men are just as bad (this is coming from someone that really doesn't like women as you may or may not have noticed).

    • Lol, the usual. They've chosen the wrong partners, who have used them, lied to them or cheated on them. So they end up classing every man or woman the same. Guys can be just as bad though, especially if they are from a rich background. People like that seem to get everything handed to them on a plate.