Have you ever decided to get weird and put some random stuff on your face that you've found in your kitchen, and it led to baby soft and?

.. moisturized skin?

I got bored after washing my face and decided to mix 3 table spoons of squeezed tomato juice, a whole avacado, 1/4 cup raw honey, 1/4 cup virgin coconut oil, 1/4 cup natural sugar, 1 and1/2 table spoons of bleached flour, 3/4 table spoons of tumeric powder, 1/2 cup of oats, and 1 table spoon of cinnamon. This mask is going to last me a while, and the only gross part about it is that it tastes of pumpkin pie and T don't like pie... or pumpkins. On top of that I wanted to add in hald of a lemons juice, but I don't have any lemons. I think this mix of stuff is good for those of us who end up with really dry skin in the winter, but before I promise anything I'll test it out for a while to see how it handles.

*Molests my face.* So soft... ~u~

  • I've mixed up random shit in my kitchen befor and made it into a mask.
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  • I haven't mixed up random shit before and turned it into a mask.
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  • Potatoes.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah lol I actually experiment like that all the time , my favourite so far was apple sauce & lemon juice - just make sure it doesn't go into your eyes.
    Oh and Greek yoghurt with honey 😏

    • Oh and coconut oil is a real miracle beauty weapon haha I use it all the time :D

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    • Pssssh It's no where close to a lie. You face is goals A. F.

    • Aww no, you make me blush 😱🙈

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What Guys Said 2

  • Never thought about it and I probably won't do it now either.

  • I don't do it, but most of those things are nutrient rich, and tomato is acidic so it'll help kill bacteria and dissolve impurities on the skin.

    I think as long as it doesn't clog the pores or inflame the skin there's no harm in it.


What Girls Said 3

  • I don't advice lemon on your face. It's very acid and if afterwards you expose yourself to the sun you can end up with white marks.

    Actually I don't advice putting anything acid on the face, not even tomatoes.

    coconut oil is great, though.

    • I know they're acidic (especially lemons), but for me they help get rid of any extra dead skin.

    • Ok I'm just saying that some things can end up damaging or staining your skin. A couple of days ago I found an article about using garlic for acne, and lots of users had commented on the article saying they have stained their faces doing so. Be careful with some fruits/vegetables on the skin.
      Some are very good though, like cucumber, but the acid ones you have to be careful.

    • Unfortunately I ran out of cucumber like 2 weeks age. QAQ

  • I agree with RedRain, use normal products instead. Digestive system is different to skin which is much more sensitive and the damage is obvious.

    • Normal products don't usually agree with me, and they can be pricey.

    • Then for sensitive skin products, like Neutrogena and Clearisil. You can go to discount pharmacies. Using food can be wasteful for that purpose too, you would eventually need to but that whole loot again!.

  • All of those apart from the tomatoes and flour are said to be nice on skin really, so makes sense. I think I'm going to try your mask actually.