IF you add someone On fb late sat night and you know they work over the weekend when would you give them until you conclude she blanked it?

If it's just left pending

  • Until Sunday
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  • Until Monday
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  • Until Tuesday
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  • Until Wednesday
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  • Until Thursday
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  • Until Friday
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  • Until Saturday or later
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What Girls Said 1

  • Not entirely sure I understood this question right, but you're basically wondering how long is too long to wait for an unaccepted friend request? Like at a certain point they're just not interested in accepting?
    I'd say 2-3 days, not everyone logs on facebook every day or bothers checking notifications and friend requests. By day 3 most active and somewhat active users should have checked notifications and friend requests. If she hasn't accepted by then, it's not likely she'll ever accept it.


What Guys Said 1

  • Is there a specific timeframe for this shit? Nah, she probably blanked you though.

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