Zombie Virus Scenario: Will You Abandon Your Humanity?

Zombie Virus Scenario: Will You Abandon Your Humanity?

Its been a Month and a half, since the Zombie Outbreak began. You've establish a well secured, defensible, gated hideout for yourself and any of the survivors (friends, family, strangers) you picked up along the way with you. You even managed to build a remotely controlled, switch activated gate! Your SAFE... for now.

While you aren't starving, your supplies, ammunition, and rations are running low. Suddenly, you hear a knock towards the entrance of your outpost. You look out and see a group of 4 scared, desperate survivors. But not far behind them is a small mob of vicious zombies heading your way. The survivors are panicking and are begging you to open the gate! They even appear to have a young child with them as well! They're all unarmed, and don't appear to be any type of threat. None of them are infected (You haven't check for bite wounds yet) and your curious of how they have made it this far. They desperately beg for your assistance, promising to be productive members of your small community. Even going as far as to volunteer for dangerous scavengering missions! You're not sure if you can trust them but that mob is getting closer, and you don't have much time to think!

You have a serious moral decision to make! Take a risk or Abandon them? Hurry!! They're getting closer...

  • Hurry and allow them in with open arms
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  • Mow them down on the spot
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  • Send them off
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  • Leave them to their fate
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Please comment in the comments. I'm interested to how you would handle the situation! :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd let them in immediately. I highly doubt I'd abandon my humanity in the zombie apocalypse. That's why I probably won't last very long, haha.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Let them in, give them some food and water rations, clean cloths, warm beds but keep them under quarantine for 24-48 hours to be sure they are not a threat. Treat them well and tell them that if they can stay as long as they pull their own weight. After the quarantine period is over they are fee to head out on their own if they like. And naturally warn them that if they threaten the safety of anyone else there I will personalty break their legs and leave them out for the zombies.

    • That's good that you would keep a level head like that.

    • It is the most logical thing I can think of. Can't risk the safety of others and don't want to waist valuable resources like personal. Even if food is scarce more people means more scavengers to find more food, or more farmers to grow more.

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What Girls Said 1

  • I'd let them in only if they weren't bitten.


What Guys Said 2

  • I'd check them for possible bite marks first...

  • Mow them down on the spot. My motto is 'trust no one'.

    • How would you and your crew handle the small horde coming your way?

    • Didn't you specify in your scenario that my position is well secured and defensible? I don't see any problem in dealing with a small horde of zombies under those circumstances. If we use my real emergency shelter as a reference point, I wouldn't even need to waste any bullets. The zombies couldn't get in and I'd just wait for them to starve.