My dog urinated on my boots. How do I clean them?

A few minutes ago, I was cleaning my room, and next thing I know, my neutered dog lifts his leg on my boots! They're the faux suede, knock-off Ugg kind. A former pair of similar boots eventually had to be thrown away (washing them with soapy water didn't do much to get rid of the stain or smell). Is there any way I can save them, or do I have to put them in the trash? 😥


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  • Buy some urine be-gone and spray on the infected area should be fine..


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  • Well, dear I say we could give this a try: Get a bucket of water, I would use laundry soap and baking soda. The baking soda should help take the smell out of the boots. And the laundry soap will help wash them.

    I would soak them overnight and then in the morning take them out and let them dry. Hopefully this works for you!

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