Guys, how 'bout them butts?

Guys, how 'bout them butts?Some guys posting on here assume that EVERY other guy wants to see a girl with a big butt, just like they think that EVERY guy wants to see a girl with big boobs, but. . . not every guy wants to see big boobs and I have an idea that not every guy wants to see girls with big butts, so. . . what's your preference , how strongly do you feel about your preference, and why (if you even understand it yourself!)

  • I like big butts and I can not lie; I really, really prefer big butts
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  • I like big butts but. . . it's not a dealbreaker
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  • I don't care what size her butt is
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  • I really want to see a girl with a normal size derrière
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  • Actually, I want to see a girl with a smaller size tush
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  • Give me a girl with a tiny hiney
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  • I'm okay if her backside is as flat as a board
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  • Wow thanks for letting me see that. My eyes. They burn.

    • I was rather impressed when I found that picture. But, you know, there's somebody for everybody, I suppose, so. . . I guess that's not a lonely ape.

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