my ex bff.. sent me 5 text of hey and i just been ignoring them., she's not worth spending my time talking to... 7yrs of friendship was heartbreaking for me.


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  • In my experience, really good friends are hard to come by... Did she do something truly horrible that you could never forgive?

    • Hell I don't know... I was asking you.. I was just saying, you should try to keep a friend, unless they did somethhing super bad... People make mistakes, also.. But it sounds like she still wants to be friends

    • But she fooled me... She tried to make me forget my boyfriend then next thing u know they hooked up... She kept lying to me and taking things that's mine..

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  • Because she wants to fix things probably. Or she isn't aware you decided your friendship is over.

  • block her. problem solved.

    • I have to go to the same senior high as her next year >.< she once asked me if im going to that school... I hope she doesn't have a crush on me.

    • why don't you listen to whatever she wants then if you still don't want to forgive whatever happened explain that to her?

    • What's possibly she wants? I listened to all her favors. She even took my boyfriend or pretended to be him the whole time no idea. I simply just told her... I grew apart from my friends to make it as simple as that so I don't have to further explain it. She left me in a bad place. I get it that she's jealous of everything I have...

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