Insomnia or nah?

Insomnia or nah?

Are you a midnight owl or, an "early to bed, early to rise" type of person?

  • Wooohat's sleep again? o. o
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  • See you on cloud 9, Good night...
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  • I can operate how I want to when I want to... (Sleep when I want to, be awake when to want to)
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    • No doubt about that. And last night into this morning, it's terrible same. 3:15am right about now

    • I find escaping GaG is a good first step XD

    • Lol, you took the thought right out of my head! I found me quite an indoor-night-entertainment schedule after a while. Had to work something out. Because all that tossing and turning all night long was getting really old. So, GAG became my refuge. Now in the days of being in a relationship, I'd definitely be up talking to the Empress. But, back to basics once again lol

Most Helpful Guy

  • I sleep in the morning like 10 am since I work night shifts. I have a hard time sleeping in the morning sometimes

    • My goodness, how I remember that feeling of having to deal with shifts. It really wasn't easy to rest-easy, l literally. I feel you brother

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  • I am both… Sleep late and wake up early. It's one of the worst things there is because you get sleep deprived and have too little energy

    • Yes, I know the feeling. I was like that in times past. Being sleep deprived with little or no energy means a crappy day. I found myself in situations where I'd even pick up the most common cold as well. Because without sufficient amount of rest, your resistance runs low

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    • Yes, that's the way to go. I believe natural is best… I just have trouble sleeping because I haven't found a way of sleeping calmly

    • Yes indeed, can't go wrong the natural way. Another thing I forgot to tell you about is red lavender. Concentrating on the scent can induce sleep as well. It works great on infants. For me, it has done the same in times past. There are so many things I can tell you about but, coming from the Caribbean, most things that I may tell you about may be known and found here locally than internationally

What Guys Said 2

  • well its 6:58am now and i woke up yesterday at 8pm so guess i'm a night owl :P
    i can only sleep when im actually tired, not when i want to for like appointments the next day and such

    • Dang, you basically waked the whole night rasta! Hmm, And I thought I was bad lol. I find myself doing the same regarding when I'm really tired. And for appointment days ahead, I'm just waiting patiently to get it over with. But mind you, I have to reach for 8:30am but pulling covers at 5am when the chill kicks in. Hate that feeling

  • Sleep is the cousin of death i dont need it