Girls, size does matter. Please admit it?

So many girls say size doesn't matter, but plenty of girls have admitted they have preferences and say all girls do.
Be honest, ladies. What do you want from your man?


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  • 4.8-7 anything within the range is good. Anything above or below will need to be negotiated (won't reject someone because of penis size if I like someone enough)

    • Mine is 5. I don't feel tiny, but always feel rather small...

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    • That's what most girls say... There's a difference between normal and average, though. 😕
      Pardon me as I put way too much thought into this, but between 4.8-7, the average is 5.9 inches. This makes me normal, but about an inch below average. 13%, which can feel like a lot.

    • I've dated a guy smaller then u (about 4.5) and I was completely satisfied.

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